About Root Cores:

My name is Pippa Marsden.  I am a training Nutritional Therapist and fully qualified England Athletics running coach, with a special interest in stress management and mental and emotional wellbeing.

I have a Pharmaceutical background, with 10 years experience in Clinical Research.  During my Clinical career I was fortunate enough to be able to work for 3 of the global top ten pharmaceutical companies, mainly in the therapeutic areas of Diabetes and Oncology.  In 2011, I completed a Pg. Dip Clinical Research (distinction) from Cardiff University.

In 2014, I took a career break to have my first child.  During my maternity leave I started to do some personal reading around mental and physical health.    What I discovered in this time completely changed my view of what it means to be healthy, and the challenges surrounding sustainable healthy living in today’s society.  My main passion for Clinical Research stemmed from a love for science, combined with a natural drive to want help people change their lives. After a few months of gathering information,  I realised that my ambition remained the same, but due being perhaps a little naïve, and I suppose ignorant in many ways, my approach had been completely wrong.  The same message kept popping up, over and over again:


…and at the very centre of preventative healthcare is nutrition, and our emotional and mental health which manifests itself in habits and behaviours to which we are so attached, which collectively influence our lifestyle.  I one hundred percent,  passionately believe that it is the moral and social responsibility of every healthcare organisation in the world to provide access to nutritional education and the tools for preventative healthcare, and healthy lifestyle  to the general public, and that providing people with the tools and knowledge they need in order to reach optimum health for themselves should take priority over any reactive therapy – in contradiction, the therapy I seek to provide will take a functional medicine approach, addressing the causes and the person as a whole, not the individual symptoms.  I believe that access to affordable nutrition and lifestyle education should be available to everyone, not just an elite few.

In 2016 I gave birth to my second child, and when she was 8 weeks old, I started running as a way of managing my postnatal weight and depression, and the stress of caring for two under two.  A few months later, I joined a local Triathlon club (NCTR), and through their support and contagious enthusiasm for sport, I found myself completing four half marathons in 2017, two of which in under two hours.  In 2018 I completed 2 sub-4 hour marathons, and this year 2019, I have turned my hand to the sport of triathlon, completing a half iron distance race in June 2019, leading to the height of my athletic career so far, completing Ironman UK in 14hrs45min.  I really feel that learning to sustain an active lifestyle has been the missing piece in my puzzle, and I believe that physical and fitness support and education can and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of social class, gender, age etc.  In September 2018, I completed the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course, and together with a friend and fellow club member, I now successfully run a thriving beginner to intermediate running group in the North Cotswolds.  In January 2020 I completed a professional coaching qualification, to become a fully qualified England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness.  I now have 2 years’ worth of experience, coaching individuals and groups from beginner level to marathon distance.

Not long into my own fitness journey, I realised with full force that not only does physical activity improve physical quality of life, but the opportunities to change mentally from fitness are so vast.  As a long term sufferer of anxiety, depression, low confidence and low self esteem, I suddenly saw my own perspective and outlook on life improve, and other areas of my life changed shape in front of my eyes.  By getting out there and learning to keep yourself in good condition physically, you are naturally also teaching yourself key skills in mental and emotional resilience.  Exercise really is the overlooked unsung golden ticket to improved quality of life.  The issue is, many don’t really know where to start and lack the tools and support to take that first step, and hide behind emotional crutches such as alcohol, low nutrient, sugar filled foods and medication to provide “quick fixes”, when the answer is there in front of them, simple and cheap, sometimes even free!

I really believe that I am not unique or special on the journey I have been on, and that REALLY ANYONE can change their physical, mental and emotional health through optimum nutrition, effective goal setting and regular exercise.  My role is to educate, motivate, influence and support as many people as I possibly can to get out there, find themselves, find their reason, discover more of the world, find new options, get out of a rut, change their story and take control of their happiness.

I invite you to join me on my journey to becoming a qualified nutritional therapist, holistic coach and functional medicine practitioner, and to experience with me the people I meet, the things I learn and what I achieve.

Thank you for reading!

Very best wishes,